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White women disappoint

November 15, 2016


Mother is rolling in her grave.


She died 2 years ago at age 98. If she hadn't died then, learning that 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump would surely have finished her off.


A farmer's wife and a teacher, she was a feminist before the term was coined, raising her 3 daughters to believe they could do anything the boys could. She taught country school before she was married, went back and got her bachelor's degree after her 5 kids were grown, then taught 6th grade at South Haven for 20 years. She was active in the United Methodist Church and a member of the American Association of University Women. She supported women's access to birth control and abortion. She had bumper stickers that said "LEVIN" and "KEEP ABORTION LEGAL." (For you Trump supporters, Carl Levin was Michigan's Democratic senator for 36 years.) At the same time, she was a strong supporter of Republican congressman Fred Upton.


While 53% of white women were apparently charmed by Trump's vulgar, hateful rhetoric, she would have been appalled. If he had been the Democratic candidate, she would have voted Republican.


The bright spot in this election was female black voters. More of them voted than in any other group, despite Republican efforts to keep minorities from voting. Only 4% of them voted for Trump. Latinas also showed more class than white women, with only 26% voting for Trump. (source)

Eleanore Harry

Mom would have been thrilled to vote for Hillary Clinton and perplexed that any woman could have voted for pussy-grabber Trump just to deny other women access to abortion.


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